Tokai Guitars

The Tokai Guitar company has a long history, originally founded in 1947, the Japanese guitar manufacturer based in Hamamatsu.

Manufactured in both Japan and Korea, Tokai produce a variety of guitars, acoustic, electrics regular 6 strings to basses.

Like Gibson with Epiphone and Fender with Squire – Tokai have a variety of priced instruments. The Japanese guitars tend to be manufactured with higher quality woods and components – the Korean counterparts less expensive, feature maple necks instead of mahogany with cheaper alder bodies..

Stylistically many of the Tokai guitars are similar to Gibson and Fender counterparts (notably the Strat, Tele and Les Paul designs). Simularly they also have a custom shop center.

There have been a few well known guitarists that have played Tokai’s notably Stevie Ray Vaughn and Nile Rodgers.

Generally Tokai guitars represent great value for money and with some of the older Tokai guitars becoming collectors items that can sell for reasonable figures on usual auction sites there well worth checking out.

In part two of our article we’ll look at the current rage of guitars that Tokai Produce

Tokai Guitars Part two – current models

Over the years Tokai have produced a wide range of guitars appealing to varied tastes and requirements and these days is no different. Without a doubt Tokai produces a large range of guitars – appealing to a range of musical styles and requirements.

The current Tokai Range includes:
als* The ALS models reminiscent of the Gibson Les Paul – featuring Maple/Mahoganny bodies, twin PAF humbuckers standard 2 volume/2 tone controls with a 3 way pickup switch.

* USG range – similar design to a Gibson SG – Mahoganny body and neck – twin PAF Pickups and rosewood fingerboard.

* Hollowbody Jazzboxes including the ES range the FA70 reminiscent of an ES175

* FV Range – Flying V style guitar features include arched maple tops, mahogany set neck and rosewood fingerboard
* Talbo range – Aluminum bodied guitar featuring unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before!

So whether your looking for a rock guitar or something a little more Jazzy there are lots to choose from – check out your local Tokai dealer now!