PRS 25th Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield

There’s something about PRS guitars – With the grip on the market that Fender and Gibson had PRS still had that hold over me – I was always a huge fan of PRS guitarist David Grissom – he was the first one that attracted me to them – I guess that I always held PRS in such high regard – they seemed to be the session musician’s guitar maker – and usually sat well out of reach financially.

They make some beautiful instruments – they have that warm fuzzy sound that envelopes you and is really quite different from your average Les Paul or Fender tone – really something unique.


Paul Reed Smith 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Electric Guitar Smokeburst

Paul Reed Smith 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Electric Guitar Smokeburst

PRS fans will be pleased to see the 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield model – (again just look at the thing – it looks like a work of art)

The Narrowfield refers to the pickups that resemble mini-humbuckers – but actually sound more like single coils (albeit with a bit more bite – fantastic for country rock tones. – The five way pickup option gives some fantastic tonal options and most musical genres can be covered – check out the vid below for those neck pickup tones – Awesome. Given PRS’s manufactruing standards and the sounds this can pull out the bag – this is one guitar that demands a look.

PRS say

This guitar is all about versatility. The 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special replaces the traditional hum-single-hum configuration with three Narrowfield™ pickups, which when combined with a five-way blade switch, supply a multitude of switching possibilities. The Narrowfield™ pickups focus the string attack much like a singlecoil but are hum canceling. The result is a new sounding pickup system, which blends features of single coil, soap bar, and humbucking pickups.
Additionally, the 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield™ features a shadow bird inlays, anniversary headstock eagle, and a bolt-on maple neck with a maple fretboard.

History of PRS guitars

The PRS Guitar company was founded by Paul Reed Smith and manufacture their guitars mostly in the USA with the remainder SE series manufactured in Korea.

PRS are very particular in the quality of their components for their guitars and are considered high end instruments coupled with the quality of their components and build

PRS guitars tend to feature intricate figured tops – in flame or quilted tops – which produces a visually stunning instrument.

Originally PRS guitars were hand made however during the mid 1990′s, PRS switched to automated manufacture and assembly. Unlike other manufactures PRS guitars tend to feature PRS designed hardware such as PRS Tremolo or PRS pickups. With regards to the pickups PRS guitars often feature a “pair” of pickups – wound in opposing directions, one for the neck and one for the bridge position.

PRS have a rich association with many artists who play their instruments. These range from Carlos Satana through to the likes of Faith Hill. There are a number of PRS Signature model guitars.

These days PRS offer a range of guitars from the likes of the PRS Eagle that features a Maple top and rosewood neck through to the PRS Santana II signature model that features a flame maple top, fat Brazillian rosewood neck and Santana zebra bobbin treble and bass pickups.

Due to the high quality components and construction methods – PRS guitars can be pricy – however there is a robust second hand market which some reduction in prices – but they are collectors items and seem to demand top dollar.

For more information visit the PRS Guitars site