The Verbzilla from Line 6 features 11 reverb models in a single stomp box.

The verbzilla, powered by either a 9 Volt Battery or DC Power supply, features Mix, Decay, Time, Tone controls to allow the user to customize the available tones.

Line 6 Verbzilla list of controls

Mix – Allows you to control the amount of reverb in your signal from dry to 100% wet.

Decay – Controls how quickly the reverb tail fades to silence.

Time – Controls the length of pre-delay. This is the amount of delay before the signal hits the reverb chamber.

Tone – Allows you to adjust the tonal character of the reverb, giving you the flexibility to go from dark and subtle to bright and splashy.

Trails Switch – When switched on, Verbzilla’s processing is engaged while in bypass, so reverb smoothly trails away when you kick the effect off.

The unit also features a model switch to allow the user to select the type of reverb to be used these include spring reverb, Hall, Chamber. The unit also comes with a tone called Octo that provides harmonized decay similar to the “shimmer” effect employed by U2’s The Edge.

So if you wanna get that U2 harmonic shimmer sound the Verbzilla is a must (check out this youtube vid if you need convincing!

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Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla Guitar Effects Pedal

Still need convincing?

Check out this youtube video which features a familiar U2 track and the trusty Verbzilla applying the shimmer

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