coronetOriginally made in the USA during the late 1950/60’s the Epiphone Coronet Electric Guitar originally cost around $120. Stylistically with an appearance similar to a Gibson SG crossed with a Fender Telecaster the Coronet was nicely built but offered little new design wise.

The Epiphone Coronet originally featured a single P90 bridge pickup. Re-issued in the 1990’s this changed slightly where the Coronet was offered with a pair of pickups (humbucker at the bridge – single coil at the neck).

The original Coronet’s had a nice, if somewhat limited, sound. With a healthy Twang, the P90 pickup is fairly noisy but sounds pretty authentic with a healthy dose of overdrive. Offering a nice clarity it has a nice punchy high end – great for that ‘70’s rock. The original production run of the Coronet ended in the 1970’s when Epiphone moved it’s manufacturing plant overseas.

Epiphone soon revived the Coronet and they were re-issued during the 1990s. Korean made, these guitars feature slightly different pickups (two instead of one – one humbucker one single coil). These re-issues varied in their looks (some had differing headstocks –some were fitted with Bigsby style tremolo systems)

Often over looked the Coronet has a nice distinct vintage look. Although now out of production these days Coronet’s can be picked up fairly inexpensively on the usual auction sites and with a enticing price, the Coronet makes for great beginners guitar.
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