angusFor over 25 years the AC/DC’s guitarist Angus Young has been synonymous with the Gibson SG recently Gibson have introduced the Angus Young Signature SG which is a faithful reproduction of Angus trademark guitar manufactured to Angus’s specifications.

Manufactured at Gibson’s plant in Nashville the Angus Young SG features a Mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard featuring perloid markers. The fingerboard features 22 frets and single ply binding.

With nickel plated hardware – this SG features a Engraved Lyre Vibrola tailpiece and ABR bridge.

Electronics wise the guitar comes fitted with a ’57 Classic Humbucker in the neck position and an Angus Young signature Humbucker in the bridge. It has the usual array of two tone, two volume controls and three way pickup selector switch. The Jack Plug is on the front of the guitar just behind the tone conrols.

The guitar features a number of Angus decals such as his signature on the pickguard and motif on the headstock.

The neck feels nice and quick – and feels comfortable for those quick runs over some nice chunky frets.

Sound wise the SG produces a thinner growl than it’s Les Paul brother – with a touch less sustain – The Angus Young humbucker has enamel-coated wire, special Alnico V magnet and matched coils and provides the sort of vintage-style punch and ripping tone that AC/DC are renowned for. It’s also pretty quiet, it’s wax potted twice to eliminate unwanted microphonic feedback.

Whilst the tremolo system looks nice don’t expect to go dive bombing with it – it’s great to add a little waggle hear and there but that’s about it. No problem for some – however this may be cause problems for some styles.

Plugged in the guitar has a great treble tone which makes it great for lead work when matched with a bit of distortion- indeed close your eyes and the sound is straight of an AC/DC record. The Angus pickup screams to be played at high volume and Gibson has really gone to town here as the noise control is excellent and feedback is minimal – anyone who plays rock will love this guitar. If your looking for a clean tone however you’ll have to look very hard – even through a clean amp the guitar struggles to lose it’s bite – but hey that’s part of it’s charm

At around $2,000 the Angus Young SG is one of the cheaper signature series guitars on the market and while it won’t appeal to everyone it does have it’s niche – but if you’re a fan of Angus then there’s only one place to look!

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