The original Explorer guitar (released by Gibson in the 50′s) is a design classic and has inspired countless guitars of simular design over the years – despite such a heritage the explorer is richly associated with rock and metal music.

dt200The DT200 X series guitar is Ibanez’s homage to the design classic and share’s it’s angled design and overall configuration.

Featuring a solid mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard (with 22 medium frets) and that famous angled body the DT200 represents fantastic value for money coming in at slightly cheaper than the Epiphone

Looks wise – well it looks the business, the hardware is chrome and features a stop bar bridge and tailpiece. With the shape these guitars can be a bit headstock heavy and you need to be carefull about how you stand it – save it topelling over – the build quality is the usual Ibanez quality – and the instrument feels robust and sturdy.

Tone is supplied by the two Powersound humbuckers, controls are the usual single tone – two volume and three way pickup selector. Plugged in clean – it sounds pleasant enough – but for most looking at this guitar – they won’t want to play country on it! Sound wise – well this really is a rock guitar – the body provides a satisfying amount of sustain – add a suitable overdrive pedal and the DT200 will growl away nicely (without too much noise either which is a plus).

The Destroyer represents an economical in-road into the world of explorer style guitars (is cheaper than a comparable epiphone) and as such you should expect some differences. The pickups (whilst being fine for beginners or part-time noodlers) may lack the output that more demanding players will be looking for but these days with the amount of pickups on the market this is easily solved.

Ibanez are renowned for producing quality products at reasonable prices and the DT200 feels solid and reliable. For those looking for a keenly priced metal guitar – check out the Ibanez Destroyer.

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