Loopers are great fun – you can use them as backing when you want to practice or do solo gigs (check out this great KT Turnstall vid on how to gig solo with just a loop pedal and an acoustic guitar! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Yp36TlfmbI)

Digitech have this to say!

While there’s a few on the market (including some imbedded with some multi effects units like Line 6′s M13) Digitech have released the JamMan Looper (either as a solo pedal or as a stereo units).

The legend continues. When we invented the PDS8000 pedal almost twenty years ago, it stored eight seconds of audio. Now we’ve reinvented it using removable CompactFlash™ memory to store up to 6.5 hours*! A wide range of features combined with ease of use make the DigiTech® JamMan® the perfect looper/phrase sampler for practicing, composing, and performing. The JamMan opens up new horizons to your musical explorations. Whether you’re performing alone and building many parts to develop a song or play in a full band, the possibilities are endless!

Looks cool to us! – we especially like the ability to link over USB to your PC to store your loops – great for never losing a song idea again! – and the ability to use an SD card to get 16 hours of loops (yes 16!) should keep everyone pleased!


DigiTech JML2 JamMan Stereo Looper and Phrase Sampler Guitar Effects Pedal

DigiTech JML2 JamMan Stereo Looper and Phrase Sampler Guitar Effects Pedal

Check out this fab Youtube video on JamMan too from those folks over at http://www.nextlevelguitar.com!

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