Tapping or the use of hammer on and pull off’s to create a rhythmic percussive guitar part has been around for years – once mainstream in rock it’s to be found all over the place now – with lots of great guitarists using it to good effect in a wide variety of musical genres.
Newton Faulkner have bought this into mainstream)

There’s loads of tutorial websites out their for those interested in learning (websites such asĀ This one and as always check out youtube for some inspiration).

Be prepared though – this one takes time to master it can be as irritating as hell to start off with as it seems nigh on impossible BUT – persevere – remember always work with a metronome or click device – check out your tunings (this style works best with Open Tunings – start slowly and build up your tempo – aim for clarity of notes rather than speed at first and practice practice practice.

We’ll leave you with one of our favorites the fantastic Erik Mongrain and Airtap!!

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