supernova1The Epiphone Supernova electric guitar is the Noel Gallagher signature model. The Oasis guitarist is well known for using Epiphone semi-acoustics (such as the Epiphone Sheraton) and this guitar (reminiscent of a Gibson 335) is a fine example.

Made in Korea, to Gallaghers specifications, the Epiphone Supernova has 22 frets slapped on a nice chunky wide neck, a laminated top, and the standard Gibson control configuration two volume and two tone controls. Coupled with a 3-way selector switch the guitar has two Gibson designed Alnico 57 Epiphone pickups chrome hardware and “aged” crème binding. The pickguard features a replica of Noel Gallaghers signature and had a retail price of around $900 and came with a hard case.

Noel Gallagher is a football fan – specifically Manchester city – so the Supernova comes in “Man city” blue as an alternative there is a “union jack” style paint job for those that want a more “in your face” style. As ever the finish on the original releases was superb and the blue finish really stands out.

Sonically the Epiphone Supernova is very similar to the 335 with a smooth but bright tone. From Jazz, Blues through to alt rock this guitar has a good range of sounds – great for rhythm playing– while the neck is fairly quick. Though not producing anything unique what the Supernova does it does well albeit with fairly generic results.

Now discontinued the Epiphone Supernova can still be picked up from the usual auction sites, and makes a nice addition to your collection, and is a must have if you’re an Oasis fan.

For more information on Epiphone – visit the Epiphone website 

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