If you want a killer tone with vintage sounds but think that is only available with a $1000+ price tag – then think again – mini guitar amps – pack a real punch in both tone and price and can be the secret weapon you need to deliver a truly legendary guitar tone.

Mini Guitar Amps – vintage tone in your pocket

VOX AC30, Marshall JCM, Fender Twin and more – truly legendary sounds available in your pocket! – too good to be true? You know that there are two things that deliver great tone your guitar and your amp – guitar’s comes down to personal preference (make mine a custom shop Strat!) but when it comes to amps there is some amp “royalty” models like the Vox AC30 and Fender Twin series have a real aura about them with a sound that’s instantly recognizable. Vintage enthusiasts will be pleased to see a range of mini guitar amps that model their bigger cousins at a fraction of the cost while producing some truly authentic tones –

Vox amPlug AC30 Headphone Amp

Killer Mini Guitar Amp tone with the Vox Amplug

Check out the amazing Vox Amplug at MusiciansFriend!!!!

Need convincing? check out this video of a VOX Amplug pocket amp being put through it’s paces on a cover of U2’s “Where the streets have no name” (Talk about daylight robbery – VOX Amplug’s retail for under $50!!!!)

Headphone amps packed with features

The days of practice amps with just a headphone socket and a volume control are gone and these headphone amps pack some serious features from gain and tone through to more advanced controls and for those that want to travel light most of these are battery powered so you’ve got both portability and great sound.

But the best thing about the range of mini guitar amps is the choice available and the price (I can’t believe how cheap these are for what’s on offer) – there’s a wide range available which means that you can put together your own collection at a fraction of the cost of a fully fledged tube amp – check out our list of what’s on offer courtesy of Musicians friend.

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Killer Range of Mini Guitar Amp’s

Vox amPlug AC30 Headphone Amp

Vox Amplug at MusiciansFriend
Fender '57 Mini Twin Amp
Fender ’57 Mini Twin Amp
Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp Aqua
Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp
Fender Mini Deluxe Amp
Fender Mini Deluxe Amp
Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack
Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack
Danelectro Hodad DH-1 Mini Amp
Danelectro Hodad DH-1 Mini Amp

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