The Rickenbacker 610 electric Guitar is essentially a Rickenbacker 620 with some minor differences. The 610 has dot fret markers, no stereo output and no binding on the body

Manufactured in American the Rickenbacker 610 has two high gain pickups, which make it evoke classic early Beatles sound, a “Cresting Wave” solid body, Classic Rickenbacker tailpiece. The neck features a 21 Fret Rosewod Fretboard and a classic Rickenbacker shaped headstock.

The guitar is fairly light to play and has that iconic Rickenbacker vibe. Great for Pop, but versatile enough for Rock and Jazz – the guitar sounds great strangled with a light touch of overdrive. A lot of the versatility comes from the Rickenbacker blender control – this allows the bridge and neck pickups to be mixed and allows the player to dial in a wide variety of tones from thin to fat.

As usual these Rickenbacker’s are a quality instrument with great attention to detail and component selection – problems with them are few and far between however changing the strings on a Rickenbacker can be quite problematic – the Classic R Shaped tailpiece makes it difficult to access the strings or to adjust the “seat height” to correctly set intonation.

No – longer in production – check out the usual auction sites to pick one up – still a great guitar – with a great range of sounds – well worth checking out.

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