The ToneCore Tap Tremolo pedal couples that classic tremolo
sound with some great modern features. Using the Tap Tempo feature,
along with adjustable dynamic speed control, peak setting, depth,
and shape, you can configure some fantastic and diverse Tremolo

THe pedal has the following features:

Model Switch – You get different types of tremolo depending on
the model selected – these are

  • Opto – Here’s a vintage circuitry-style tremolo sound
    like you’d find built into mid-60’s American amplifiers.
  • Bias – This model creates a vintage bias circuitry style tremolo
    sound you’d find in late 50’s and British amplifiers.
  • Pan – This model makes your sound pan back and forth between
    left and right outputs.

Additional controls include:

  • Speed, depth and peak
  • Shape – Turn the knob toward the left for a smooth sine wave
    tremolo that gradually varies your volume up and down, or left
    for a for a hard-chopping square wave that dramatically switches
    from loud to quiet.
  • Tap Tempo – Using the pedal, you can tap a couple times and
    have the pulsations match your tempo.

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