When it comes down to iconic guitars there aren’t many that capture the imagination in the same way as the Gibson’s Flying V it’s just something about it’s shape that makes it so interesting – The Flying V design has been around since the 1950’s – and since it’s first introduction it garnered admiration from many of the worlds top artists (from Hendrix to Lenny Kravitz). There’s been a variety of issues and reissues over the years and in to this mix Gibson has recently added the V Factor Faded.

Manufactured in Gibson’s main factory in Nashville – the V Factor Faded Flying V attempts to provide the classic Flying V that vintage – well worn look and feel while underpinning it with the usual quality that Gibson’s manufacturing process adds.

The guitar features a Mahogany body (3 piece), shaped in the iconic V design – the neck is mahogany also and features a rosewood fingerboard – 22 frets and perloid dot inlays. The neck has a rounded profile and seems sculpted for those fast legato runs. The hardware is all chrome and features a traditional stop bar tailpiece – Tune-o-matic bridge.

Electronics wise – the Faded V has a two volume – one tone combination with the usual 3 way pickup switch. Output is provided by two Gibson humbuckers – a 496R in the neck position and a 500T in the bridge – the pickups are of the ceramic magnetic variety and offer a great high output sound – which fits the bill nicely for what this Flying V was made for – Rock!

Ceramic pickups are a great choice for Rock guitars as they tend to have an enhanced mid range with punchier bass which is great for the more aggressive tones. Coupled with the mahogonay body (great for that dark warm tone) the Faded V growls and purrs with the best of em – this guitar certainly isn’t for those looking for a pure clear tone (unless you want grit with it!) and it can be a bit noisy – however for rock aficionado’s it’s the business and it produces that thick trademark Gibson tone with aplomb. There’s some subtle differences in tone between the two pickups with the 500T producing some seriously heavy sounds while the bridge pickup is a little more mellow (only a little though!)

Available in “worn cherry” the look is down to your own taste and we’re shure that some will love it while others will equally hate it – with a bit of a look around you’ll note that the finish varies widely from guitar to guitar so do shop around to get the right finish for you.

With a retail of $1,000 (but actually available at much less) the faded V is one of the more economical Gibson’s available – so if your up for that authentic Gibson tone but don’t want to shell out on a Les Paul – and you like the styling then the Faded V is definitely worth a look

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