The Epiphone Casino is an archtop guitar from Epiphone. The Epiphone company were once a rival to the Gibson Guitar company before being acquired by Gibson. The Epiphone Casino was designed to compete against the Gibson ES-330.

The guitar features a hollow construction, two black – P90 pickups a Stop tail piece, tune-o-matic bridge together with two volume and two tone controls. The guitar features standard stock tuners. The single coil pickups fitted to the Casino are known to hum a little but purely add to the authentic and familiar 60’s pop sound.

The tonal qualities of the casino make for a great rhythm guitar, with the instrument producing a thick heavy tone. However the guitar has tremendous versatility the neck Pickup’s makes it great for jazz and with the right tube amp the guitar easily obtains that classic 60′s jangle. With a bit of overdrive, the Casino is reminiscent of the classic blues rock bands from the 1960′s.

Due to the Beatles the Epiphone Casino has become more widely known. Both John Lennon and Paul Mcartney used the Epiphone Casino included on tracks such as “Ticket To Ride” and “Let it be”. In support of this heritage Epiphone recently released the John Lennon Epiphone Casino featuring the same specification as the John Lennon original.

For more information on the Epiphone Casino – visit the Epiphone guitar website

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