To call Boss’s new FBM-1 Pedal an effects pedal would be somewhat incorrect – sure it looks like a
traditional Boss stomp pedal, featuring the usual rugged build quality, is still powered by the traditional
9v battery (or adapter) but inside this little box is really a vintage Fender amp bustling to be let loose.

Fender have some of the most illustrious amps of all – think of the Fender Twin, the Deluxe, the Reverb and the Bassman.
Indeed in recognition of it’s status, Fender have reissued the ’59 Bassman – faithfully following the original design and specifications.

So what of the Boss pedal? – Well Boss have struck a deal with Fender to replicate that rich bright tone of the original Bassman and to condense
it into a pedal. Features include the same controls on the original Bassman: Presence, Treble, Mid, and Bass EQ controls. The FBM-1 also functions perfectly as a “pre-gain pedal” placed before an already overdriven amp to add the tone character of the Bassman.

Adopting the same beige colorings of the original – the Boss FBM-1 pedal has four controls – Middle, Bass,
Treble and Gain – there is also a “Bright in” input that provides additional coloring to the sound closely replicating the
original amp.

So for those on a budget but still wanting an authentic Fender vintage tone – don’t look to your amp – look to your feet!

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