Fender obviously have a pang for vintage in 2007 – So far among their new releases we have seen the Hot Rod ’62 Stratocaster, ’57 Relic Stratocaster, HotRod 57 Strat, ‘60’s Closet Strat – the telecaster isn’t missing in this plethora of Vintage gear – as part of the Hot Rod series – Fender have introduced the Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster. However rather than just introducing another vintage replica range – this release looks set to meld vintage with contemporary with Vintage styling and hardware mixed with modern features such as pickups and other fixtures and fittings.

Based on a Ash body, U shaped one piece maple neck the hot rod has a lot of similarities with the standard tele however Fender have dipped into it’s archives for the looks with Fenders apparently targeting those wanting their vintage build quality and components but with the benefits of today’s modern pickups – (Fender have also tinckered with the neck adding modern Medium Jumbo Frets for a more modern playing feel..)

Seymore Duncan’s mini humbuckers aim to bridge the gap between traditional single coils and their humbucker counterparts – the result is a brighter tone that should suit the Tele to a tee and should add a tad more versatility to this classic.

With a RRP of around $2,000 there are some cheaper Telecaster’s around, however we think there’s enough here to interest those seasoned Telecaster lovers who want that little bit extra.

For more info check out Fender.com

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