Squier is part of the Fender Musical Instrument company and generally produces derivatives of the Fender product line. Squier have had a colorful history and have been manufactured in a variety of world wide locations such as Japan, Korea, China and Indonesia. Each of these had various production quality. It is generally thought that Japanese built Squier Electric Guitars were the best produced.

There are a variety of ranges within the Squier Guitar brand (the full name will be visible on the guitar headstock).

Squier Guitars differ from their Fender counterparts in that the guitar components are of less quality than their Fender counterparts, woods and electrical components were generally cheaper and as with all budget brands the pickups specifically produced an inferior tone than their more expensive cousins. However as a beginner guitar they represent excellent value for money – the guitars are offered with a number of finish options which are outside the usual Fender range.

The current range of instruments include replica’s of Fenders Stratocaster, Telecaster Guitar – the guitars feature alder bodies, maple necks, standard squier pickups and chrome hardware.

Squier also produce the Bullet range of guitars these are affordable electric guitars (with a strat design and pickup selection) designed for beginners and students.

Squier also produce the Master Series guitars which are the top of the Squier range, and feature Duncan Designed humbucker pickups, special binding and inlays, metallic and satin finishes, set necks and platinum hardware.

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