rickenbacker330The Rickenbacker 330 is a hollow body electric guitar with a double cut-away design, it features two single coil “toaster” pickups on a full size body which includes a sound hole at the top of the instrument. The neck features a 24 fret Rosewood fingerboard with schaller machine heads on the headstock. The Guitar features chrome hardware throughout and the characteristic “R” tailpiece.

The Rickenbacker 330 comes in either a 6 string or 12 string version with a thru neck body. The instrument features a variety of controls (2 volume, 2 tone) together with a mix control for adjusting the mix of the two pickups when both are activated.

The guitar has an airy output characteristic of most semi-hollow body guitars. The pickups deliver a wide range of sounds from clean jangly rock through to grungy tones making it an expressive guitar. In the bridge position, the pickups deliver a twang. The middle position offers a wide range of tones including the typical Rickenbacker shimmer. The neck pickup generates jazzy, archtop-sounding tones producing ideal Rhythm tones.

The guitar has an iconic style – looking very different from the typical Stratocaster or Les Paul. Comfortable to play – the 330 is renowned for having a thin style neck. Problems are few – it can be said that pickups are extremely sensitive and “dead” strings are more noticeable than on other guitars – without a doubt the 330 is one that craves strings to be replaced regularly.

Rickenbacker have enjoyed an incredible endorsement with it’s association with the Beatles but many other aritsts have had associations with the 330 from Roger McGuinn of the Byrds to U2’s the Edge. Indeed the Edge made use of Rickenbacker 330’s characteristic slide tones on a number of tracks including Even Better Than the Real Thing.

The Rickebacker offers the classic unique Rickenbacker sound, unique looks and unrivalled quality. The tone may not be loved by all but it offers something different that should be cherished.

Check out more at www.rickenbacker.com

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