rickenbacker660The Rickenbacker 660 features a cutaway body which harks back to the classic designs of the 1950′s. The guitar features 24.75” scale neck with a 21 Fret Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid inlays and Rickenbacker’s trademark “checkered” bindings. The body is also bound in front with that deluxe ‘checker’ binding. The headstock is that characteristic Rickenbacker shape and features Schaller Vintage-type machine heads. The strings are anchored in a vintage style tailpiece and the guitar has a fully adjustable bridge

The guitar has two vintage ‘toaster’ style pickups which in keeping with other hardware is chrome. The instrument features 2 volume and 2 tone controls a 3 way pickup selector switch and fifth control that allows you to blend either pickup into the overall sound.

The 660 is naturally resonant with a lush unplugged acoustic tone. Once amplified it produces that unique Rickenbacker nasal sound whilst being enviably versatile. Sonically this guitar can produce tones suitable for Jazz, Blues whilst still having enough ballsy tone to be on a par with a P90 equipped Gibson for use on rock tones.

The blender control has a lot to do with the guitars versatility providing a way to brighten the tone and “mix” the usual array of sounds that a twin pickup guitar offers. Whilst single-coils are not usually as supportive of an overdriven sound as well as humbuckers, through effective use of the blender control – the 660 is able to summon up authentic overdriven sounds (given an appropriate amp).

The Rickenbacker 660 is a very handsome instrument, beautifully crafted. It carries that unique Rickenbacker tone that have made these instruments so iconic. Different from a Strat or Les Paul – a totally beguiling sound that is underpinned by a rich heritage and attention to detail. The 660 represents an impressive part of the Rickenbacker arsenal.

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