The Rickenbacker 360 is a hollow body electric guitar. The standard 360 features a maple body, 24 frets, rosewood lacquered neck and fingerboard, 2 Rickenbacker “vintage” hi-gain pickups, two tone two volume controls, a fifth control to blend the mix of pickups and a three-way pickup selector. It has a 6 saddle bridge with cover/handrest and the classic “R” tailpiece. The guitar has the classic Rickenbacker headstock which features Schaller tuners.

There are various similarities between the Rickenbacker 330 and the 360. The 360 is considered the deluxe model, with a rounded front edge and binding.

Being a hollowbody the guitar is light to hold and comfortable to play. Rickenbacker’s eye for quality of construction and selection of components all add up to a fantastic guitar. It has a scale length of 24 ¾” and a weight of 3.6 kg.

The Rickenbacker 360 has a huge tonal palate and can be applied to a variety of musical styles. It can produce stunning jazzy tones whilst also adept at being “grunged” up the vintage pickups produce a full tone with wonderful clarity and sustain

Rickenbacker have a strong history with the Beatles – George Harrison is often pictured with a 12 string version of the 360. There are a variety of other players who include Peter Buck of REM, Paul Weller and Pete Townsend from the Who.

Amazing to look at and even better to play the 360 is a quality instrument beautifully made. With fantastic versatility and great tone this Rickenbacker would make a great addition to any guitarists arsenal.

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