rickenbacker620The Rickenbacker 620 is a solid body electric guitar featuring a 24 ¾” scale length a ‘Cresting Wave’ shaped Maple single cutaway body. The 21 fret thru neck features a Rosewood fingerboard with triangular pearloid inlay markers.

The 620 also features a 2-piece adjustable-height pickguard, 2 modern hi-gain Rickenbacker pickups a 3-way selector switch, 2 volume and 2 tone controls plus a fifth blend control to blend the sound of the two pickups together.

The guitar has the traditional Rickenbacker ‘R’ shaped tailpiece onto which you hang the strings. A minor grouch with Rickenbackers is that the tailpiece can make the strings challenging to change and altering the string gauge from the original factory set up can cause issues with intonation but these are very minor gripes on what can only be described as a quality instrument.

The guitar has a rich and very full sound. Unsurprisingly it’s classic Rickenbacker, bright and punchy yet with a fair degree of warmth. The blend control provides versatility, panning it towards the neck pickup brighter tone whilst the opposite is true when turning it towards the bridge. For producing the classic Rickenbacker jangle tone – the bridge pickup is the businesses – evoking memories of the Beatles or the Byrds in one easy step.

The guitar is suitable for a variety of musical styles (although metal fans may want to look elsewhere) – whether your looking for a new jazz guitar through to country – the 620 has a lot to offer.

As always the handcrafted Rickenbackers are beautifully made, with quality components and fantastic construction methods. If your setting out to buy a new guitar make sure you try one of these along with the usual Fender/Gibson types. Rickenbackers offer a little something different both in style and sound – and as such – should be on your wish list.

Check out more at www.rickenbacker.com

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