kingvThe Jackson guitar manufacturers have, since the 1980’s, made a variety of King V guitars. Reminiscent of the Flying V guitar it features a “V” shape formed with two angled parts of the body.

Although there have been a few varieties the King V generally features two humbuckers (these days Seymore Duncan TB4’s) a Floyd Rose locking Tremolo unit, two volume controls and a master tone control. It features a 25.5” scale length and is light and comfortable to play (despite the shape!).

The bolt on maple neck features 22 jumbo frets upon a rosewood/ebony fingerboard. The action is fast and close, making fast legato runs a delight.

Visually these guitars are eye-catching – there are a variety of colors and finishes (there are currently 31 color choices in the Jackson Guitar brochure).

Sound wise the guitar has a nice acoustic tone when played without an amp, they resonate well and has suitable treble and bass tones. When amplified these guitars are great for rock/metal. The bridge pickup, produces a tight but bright raw tone great for rhythm playing with a tough gutsy bass which calls out for some intense riffing. For soloing the neck pickup produces a fantastic tone with bags of sustain. Great for rock but with enough dynamics to cater for blues enthusiasts also – just be carefull not to overdo the distortion!

With a decent mid-range price – these guitars will definitely appeal to those that want a heavy tone with visual credibility – a burgeoning second hand market should mean those wishing to partake should pick one up for a decent price.

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