The Gibson 335 was the worlds first semi-hollow bodied electric guitar and has proved to be one of Gibson’s most endearing designs having been in production since it’s initial release.

The guitar was initially released in 1958 for around $300. It featured a solid maple block running through the center of the guitar and hollow sides featuring violin style “f-holes”. It also featured a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard.

The 335 features two humbucker pickups and featured two double cut-aways allowing access to uppermost frets. The pickups were controlled by a three way pickup selector switch enables the guitar to produce a variety of sounds.

The Gibon 335 has a wide sonic range and is suitable for a wide variety of music from blues and jazz to rock. It has a mellow “woody” tone and is capable of high sustain.

Today there are a variety of 335 versions, in later years Gibson has through it’s budget range Epiphone has released a variant called the Dot which has proved immensely popular. The 335 has also been widely copied by other manufacturers and the original design has become somewhat iconic.

Well known players of the 335 include B.B. King (who has a famous 335 called “Lucille”), Oasis’s Noel Gallagher, Chuck Berry
More info on the Gibson 335 – Gibson Home Page

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