fadedThe Gibson Les Paul Faded Double Cutaway Electric Guitar is reminiscent of the Les Paul special and features a “worn” style finish and double cutaway design. It’s clear that with the pickup selection and paint job that Gibson are appealing to the vintage enthusiasts among us and they are aiming to produce the same feel as the Les Paul specials and Juniors from the late 50’s and early 60’s 

With the new models manufactured in Nashville, the Double Cutaway features a mahogany body. A slim profile mahogany 60’s style 22 Fret glued in neck with rosewood fingerboard and pearloid dot markers. The stopbar tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge are finished in chrome which looks ok and fits in nicely with the vintage vibe. One area of compromise seems to be the tuners which are standard white button tuners, authentic maybe but perhaps could be updated to some locking tuners.

While aesthetically the Double Cutaway doesn’t have the same visual appeal of the Classic Les Paul it does offer something a little different – there aren’t a lot of color options (red or yellow) but the faded effect produce a “vintage” looking piece that will get some attention at the next open mic night.

Electronics wise the double cutaway features two Gibson Vintage P90 pickups, two volume two tone controls (in the traditional Les Paul configuration) and a three way pickup selector switch which is positioned just above the volume /tone controls on the lower butt of the body. It’s fairly comfortable to play and unplugged has a nice acoustic twang through not though perhaps lacking a little in the sustain department.

Sound wise the P90’s offer a good combination of high output and high end response – combined with a tube amp those sounds the double cutaway can produce some Townshendesque bite. This is all good stuff – and as this guitar is aimed at the “vintage” market the sounds are as expected and the P90’s happily trade that middle ground between Fender’s single coil and a Gibson humbucker making this guitar suitable for a range of styles from pop through to Jazz however my guess is that those buying this guitar will be buying it for a certain sound and while these aren’t the liveliest P90’s we’ve heard they do the job adequately enough and provide enough rumble on the right settings (although add extra distortion with care as the sound can get a trifle mushy.)

We’re always keen to see something other than a traditional Les Paul or Strat so the Gibson Les Paul Faded double cutaway instantly appeals to us – The Les Paul Double cut-away retails for around $800 so should appeal to those Gibson seekers on a budget – and for those looking for a certain 60’s sound would do well to take a look.

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