lespauljuniorHaving emerged from California’s punk seen in the early 1990’s Green Day have seen their popularity rise and they have become one of the world’s most popular rock acts around today. Gibson have now released a signature guitar for Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong the Bille Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior.

The guitar features a mahogany body and is modeled closely after the guitarists 56 model. The Junior started out as a budget model and features the now traditional single cut-away design

The guitar features a vintage correct non-compensated wraparound tailpiece, nickel hardware and white button strip tuners. Controls are minimal with one tone and one volume and the guitar is finished off with Billie Joe’s signature on the reverse of the headstock.

The neck, mahogany like the body, features a 60’s style slim tapered neck which coupled with the 24 ¾” scale length and light weight body makes for a comfortable guitar to play. The neck is finished with a Rosewood fingerboard featuring 22 frets and perloid dot inlays.

Whilst being fiercely loyal to the Les Paul Junior design – Gibson have managed to make a few changes here and there – the pickup is a new design – a stacked double-coil dogeared H90 pickup – The pickup has a great punch tone that suits a bit of drive being added – but even when nice and dirty the sound is articulate enough to be clear in a band mix.

For around $2000 the Junior is not the cheapest Gibson have to offer and whilst there are some nice touches that differentiate this guitar from similar Les Paul juniors we have to admit that this guitar will probably appeal to Green Day fans first and foremost.

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