fenderjaguarFender released the Fender Jaguar in the early 1960′s. Although stylistically similar to its sibling the Fender Stratocaster – the body is more angular and features the same “offset waist” as the Jazzmaster upon which the Jaguar was based.

The original Jaguar featured a dual circuit system featuring pickup selector switches (which turned the pickups on or off) and a high pass filter switch that accentuated the treble sound of the guitar. The guitar has two single coil pickups designed specifically for the Jaguar and they provide a broad tonal range (although its pickups can get quite noisy when overdriven and are prone to feedback).

The guitar’s sound can be somewhat of an acquired taste as it differs from both Fenders Stratocaster and Telecaster with it’s mid range sound setting it apart. This difference is part of the guitars appeal and its later resurgence in the alt.rock niche relied much on the guitars unique sound.

The guitar features a shorter 22 fret neck together with a spring loaded rubber string mute and floating tremolo system. The tremolo system, which was unique to the Jaguar and Jazzmaster was not a success and was dogged by design flaws such as inadequate saddles, however the tremolo was of the locking variety and therefore protected the guitars tuning during string breakages.

The Jaguar never gained the popularity of the Stratocaster or the Telecaster and Fender eventually discontinued the guitar in the early 1970′s. After a resurgence in it’s usage by artists such as Nirvana (Kurt Cobain was often pictured with a Jaguar), Fender restarted production in the 1990′s and the guitar is still produced today and remains popular with artists who are looking for a different sound whilst still requiring the quality of a Fender instrument

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