fendermustangThe Fender Mustang, designed by Leo Fender, was originally released in the early 1960′s and was based on an earlier Fender guitar the Fender Musicmaster (the Mustang differs by having a vibrator tailpiece). Like the Musicmaster, the Mustang was aimed at the “guitar student” market and in comparison to its stable mates was less expensive (it’s original cost was around $150).

The basic specifications for the Fender Mustang featured a Mahogany body, 24″ scale neck with 22 Frets. The Mustang also featured a “dynamic vibrato” similar to that found on the Fender Jaguar. During the 1960′s the guitar went through several iterations. These modifications included varying colors and body contours, different tuning pegs and smaller headstock.

The Fender Mustang comes with two single coil pickups that each feature a three way pickup selector which allow the pickup to be turned on or off or placed into Phase mode. These switches were often criticised as while the guitar was being played they could be inadvertently switched off. A solution to this was place tape over the switches to keep them in position.

Although the quality of its pickups have often been criticised the guitar is able to produce some respectable clean tones although can be noisy when overdriven. The Mustang is often seen as a “surf music” guitar due to the sounds it is able to produce.

Fender originally discontinued the Mustang in the 1980′s however reissued it a decade later after as a result of its popularity with grunge and punk bands prevalent at the time.

Many artists have been associated with the Mustang such as Kurt Cobain, Shakira and Blur’s Graham Coxon and its continued use ensures that the guitar remains a favourite of the Fender stable.

Visit the Fender Website for more information on the Fender Mustang Guitar

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