The Fender Statocaster was designed by the Fender Guitar company during the 1950′s. Production line Stratocasters were first sold during the mid 1950′s for around $250. The basic model came with a two-tone ‘sunburst’ finish, chrome hardware, and plastic components.

The Stratocaster is an extreemely versatile instrument. The guitar has 3 pickups placed at the neck, middle, and bridge and help generate a wide range of tones. As such the Stratocaster is used in a wide range of musical styles from country to rock. Guitarists such from Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton through to U2′s The Edge to Robert Cray loved the versatility it bought. An early-model Stratocaster, was used by Buddy Holly’s, and he was among the first players to help the Fender Stratocaster become the standard in rock and roll.

Other manufacturers began imitating Fenders innovations and styles almost immediately and today there are many companies that produce this style of guitar. Usually the Statocaster style guitar has a bolt on neck, all tuners on the top of the headstock, a twin cutaway body, 3 single coil pickups, and a tremelo. However there are many derivatives

These days, Fender offers a huge array of vintage Stratocasters, modern varients and reissues. They have many factories supplying guitars from all over the world. In common with many other guitar manufacturers Fender also offers Artist Series guitars, which feature accurate replicas of the Stratocasters played by famous guitarists.

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