The Telecaster was developed by the Fender Guitar company in the late 1940′s. It is a dual-pickup, solid-body electric guitar. It was first retailed during the early 1950′s and it was the first guitar of its kind to be produced on a substantial scale.

Telecaster’s typically have two pickups, a slightly smaller headstock than the stratocaster, and a 3 way pickup selector.

The Telecaster is known for its bright, cutting tone. The bridge pickup is placed at a slant and this helps enhance the guitar’s treble tone. These sound of the Telecaster allowed musicians to emulate steel guitar sounds, making it particularly useful in country music. Telecasters are sometimes fitted with a string bending device that enables a smooth change of pitch reminiscent of a lapsteel guitar.

Many Telecasters have a string through body, and it’s has a unique ‘tele’ sound when the middle position on the pickup selector is selected. This activates both pickups and give that unique telecaster sound.

Many famous guitarists have played the telecaster from Prince through to Bruce Springsteen including a plethora of country players.

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