50s-esquireOriginally Introduced in 1950, the Fender Esquire represents a classic era in Fender Design – fender state that the Esquire is “one of the most sought after instruments” in the Telecaster range the Esquire has a rich association with a range of fine guitarists including Jeff Beck and Bruce Springsteen.

Available in a range of colors ((301) White Blonde, (303) 2-Color Sunburst, (306) Black, and featuring a Polyester Finish the Esquire features a Ash body – one piece “c” shaped maple neck and maple fingerboard (with a 7.5” radius) – the neck features 21 vintage style frets – controls are provided through a three way selector switch, Master Volume and Master Tone controls – finished off with chrome hardware the guitar comes with a traditional thru-body tele bridge and vintage style tuning pegs.

Armed with a single Vintage Style Single-Coil Tele Pickup with Alnico Magnets in the Bridge position the Esquire has unique circuitry that supports three preset tones – via a pickup selector switch Fender state that “In the bridge position, the pickup is connected only to the volume control (the tone control is disconnected); this minimal circuitry produces more top-end sparkle than is possible with a Telecaster. In the middle position, the standard tone control circuit is activated. In the neck position, the tone control is again disengaged, but a tone-shaping capacitor rolls off much of the top end and some bottom, producing a darker tone and slight volume loss.”

Unplugged the Esquire is lively and responsive, the Ash body provides a nice amount of sustain, and before you plug it in to any amp it exudes a bright tone with plenty of response. Comfortable to hold, and with the ash body fairly light, yet built like a tank – you can see the body and thick paint job taking a hammering before showing any sign of wear.

Outwardly this Fender 50′s Esquier is as simple as it gets, you could argue, somewhat successfully, that its tonal range is smaller than many, but perhaps that would be missing the point – the Esquire was designed to accurately recreate that classic tele tone – plenty of sparkle and spank – and in our view it delivers that in spades.

The single bridge pickup is wonderfully clear as you’d expect whilst it delivers the traditional tele twang with aplomb with the added circuitry you’ve got a few more options – while it’s great for country – with the selector switch in bypass mode and with a bit of oomph from your amp – the esquire can scream with the best of them – nothing new from a Tele perhaps but satisfying nonetheless.

So with this Mexican issue – fender have taken a nod towards it’s history and given it a modern spin – for all Tele lover’s out there – do yourselves a favor – get one!

For more info check out the Fender Guitar website

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