rivieraThe Epiphone Riviera Electric Guitar is a semi-acoustic guitar shaped similarly to a Gibson 335. The Riviera has a long history, it was originally produced in the 1960’s , it has warm Jazz tone, with a twangy almost telecaster like range. These days the Epiphone Riviera is made in Asia and is a budget alternative to the Gibson hollowbodies it imitates.

This hollow-body guitar is very similar to the Epiphone Sheraton but has some differing features such as a mahogany neck and a frequensator tail piece. The guitar features two mini humbuckers, chrome hardware, a blot on neck, twin tone and volume controls (two for each pickup).
Similar to it’s Gibson 335 counterpart it is very clean and precise sounding with plenty of sustain. The bridge pickup is perfect for a warm clean sound, and the neck pickup gives a crystal clear tone. with with it’s range of tones the Epiphone Riviera makes a ideal rhythm guitar.

Unlike many other semi-acoustic electric guitars the Riviera is very quiet when amplified and suffers little feedback.

Many well known artists have been featured using the Epiphone Riviera Electric Guitar. Noel Gallagher often used this guitar between in the early days of Oasis.

The Riviera comes from a wide stable of Epiphone semi acoustics, such as the Dot, the Sheraton and the Epiphone Casino. The Riviera easily keeps up with the pack it has gorgeous looks – beautiful tone and a history and tradition to be proud of.

 For more information on the Epiphone Riviera– visit the Epiphone guitar website

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