toasterRickenbacker toaster pickups are so called because of their “toaster” look – The original style chrome pickup covers resemble small chrome toasters. These toaster pickups were fitted on Rickenbacker guitars from the mid late 50’s through to the early 70’s and were responsible for producing that classic jangle tone closely associated with iconic Rickenbacker models of the time.

The original toasters offered a bright and clear tone – although the sound was the same each pickup was unique as the manufacturing process used to wind the pickups was not uniform and the operator stopped the process when “it looked right”. Each pickup and the guitar it sat in had it’s own sound and the sound varied from unit to unit – albeit within a similar range of tone.

The pickups were re-issued by Rickenbacker recently and the company has carefully replicated the original components. The reissue toaster pickups have individual alnico pole pieces under each string in the bobbin wound with magnet wire–almost exactly the same as the originals. The new pickups differ slightly however in that the original toaster pickups resistances varied between 7K to 8K Ohms while the new Toaster reissues are around 11 ohms this higher output results in a darker tone – reminiscent and convincing of it’s older cousin but not identical.

The toaster pickup has its place in the “pickup” hall of fame – imagine the classic tones of the Beatles, The Byrds, The Who – the “toaster” had a hand in all of this and has been at the heart of Rickenbacker sound for 50 years

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