vcousticWhen it comes to metal guitars – there’s something quite unique about the Flying V – it kind of exudes rock and roll if you look the players who’ve picked up a Flying V there like a smorgasbord of cool -from the likes of Hendrix to Metallica so I suppose it’s evolution that we now see, courtesy of the Dean Guitar company an acoustic V style guitar.

Dean have well been known for producing electrics in this style with their V range so I suppose it’s no surprise to see this evolve into an acoustic offering. Dean, like Fender with their telecoustic range, have taken the inspiration with the V Coustic from their electric range.

To begin with the design looks really cool on an acoustic – the Dean headstock (3 aside tuners) ensures that on first appearances the guitar inherits it’s families personality, the triangular sound hole (with the Dean emblem underneath) adds to this and overall looks wise there’s enough to appeal beyond just his shape.

The guitar has a spruce top, mahogany back and sides. The neck is mahogany too, with a rosewood fingerboard. Dean have included a three band EQ to the Dean Buffer preamp. From what we’ve heard plugged in the sound is bright if a little thin – the preamp does it’s job and those that are looking for a acoustic to record with at home will find what they need.

We guess that the design will mean it’ll never completely compete with traditional acoustics, smaller overall body for one, which impacts the tone and volume. However we guess that won’t discourage potential buyers who will be looking more towards the design than anything and on this Dean have hit upon a winner.

With a list price of around $300 it’s not too expensive and for those looking for something that has different aesthetics and something that can be used for home recording we see the Vcousitc fitting that niche.

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