Over the years BC Rich have become well known for producing super-strat guitars, often with outlandish designs they’re often associated with heavy rock (BC Rich have a wide list of well known guitarists who feature there instruments).

THe Outlaw PXT3 comes under the Assasin range – the Outlaw is another in the Rich line of superstrat guitars and features a range of hardware that you’d come to expect from such a model.

Clearly from the outset the Outlaw is a guitar for rock – it’s got a doublecutaway design which allows good access to the guitars high frets, built on a Basswood body with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard – the Outlaw PXT3 has a fierce profile that certainly looks the part – the bolt on neck has 24 Jumbo frets to playwith and a 3 aside headstock with BC Rich tuners.

Hardware includes a Floyd Rose tremolo system and two Rockfield mafia humbuckers. The humbuckers feature ceramic magnets which has the benefit of increased magnetic field and therefore more output. with increased low end and mids – Rockwell claim that the neck pickup is a little brighter while retaining that aggressive characteristics.

Controls are one volume one tone and a three way pickup switch (sat between the two controls) – the tone control features a push/pull coil tap which add extra versatility to the guitar.

For more information visit BC Rich.com

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