bc10Since it’s introduction the guitar has seen numerous innovations, just this century we’ve seen the classical guitar transition to the semi-acoustic – to the full bodied electric – to the 12 string the 7 string and now with BC Rich 10 string.

The premise of the 10 string is similar to that of the 12 string, the highest two strings are tuned in unison, the middle two strings are tuned in octaves and the lowest two strings are single and do not have the upper octave strings.

BC Rich’s technique of leaving the bass strings alone allows for a traditional distortion tone without mudding the output. This is especially thoughtful for those that use the low E and A for heavy riffing. The sound is not unlike a 12 string guitar but with a thicker low end (due to the single strings).

The 10 strings have an interesting stringing technique – the guitars retain a traditional six string headstock with the additional four strings being strung neck to body with the tuning pegs being attached to the body. The 10 string is currently available as part of BC Rich’s Bich series – there are three models the Exotic Classic Bich 10, Bich 10 and Perfect 10. Prices range from around $1000 to $4,500 so they are not exactly cheap – BC Rich have recently made them available as an import.

The cynics amongst the guitarist community may view the 10 series as a marketing ploy – the fact that the original six string model has largely remained unchanged is testament to the resilience of the six string guitars. However BC Rich’s 10 series does add something new to the medium (and that should be applauded) – there have been some notable users of the 10 string including the likes of Slash which will ensure some longevity in the design.

For more information visit BC Rich.com

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