g6120rhhModern Rockabilly is a real strange mix, while we know it’s got country influences and more than a nod to the 1950′s somewhere along the line it got all punky and started to gain an attitude all of it’s own – these day’s it’s epitomized by break neck riffing and lead lines whose speed wouldn’t be too far out of place with rock. (anyone for a Vai vs Setzer speed contest?)

Bands such as Reverend Horton Heat take rockabilly (or psycobilly – after all everything’s got have it’s niche) onto a rather surreal plane with their own mix of frentic rock and roll and playfull lyrics

Reverend Horton Heat , Guitar Player Jim Heath shares many similarities with Brian Setzer in his playing style (although Heath’s lines are a little dirtier). Lightning fast leads that meld Jazz and country with modern sensibilities whilst a raw energetic rhythm style combines to produce a wall of sound amidst the frantic beats of the bands rhythm section. No doubt influenced by the likes of Scotty Moore, Eddie Cochran et al, Jim Heath plays that 50′s rock and roll thing while managing to give the sound a modern spin.

Like Setzer Gretsch have a signature guitar for “Reverend Heat”. Undoubtedly Gretsch produce some of the most beautiful Guitars around and the G6120RHH is the epitomy of 50′s cool. Based on a Nashville the Single cut design, Laminated Maple body, two piece maple neck. Gretsch have gone someway to producing a piece of retro cool with aged bindings, Vintage inlays and the ubiquitous Bigsby trem unit. In addition to the retro stylings, there’s plenty of unique features to make this model stand out including a rather cute routed “G” Brand on the body and oversized “f” holes.

There are two TV Jones Classic pickups and the sound is that Classic Gretsch – bright with bite – capable of sounding retro but one can also imagine producing something that is versatile enough for rockers as well – with a bit of drive the guitar produces a slice of aggression and above all else Gretsch have character with more than enough twang to please.

Nothing new on the controls front and similar to Gretch’s traditional Nashville’s this one has 2 Volume controls (one for each pickup) a master volume control together with a three position toggle tone switch and a three way pickup switch

Whilst the guitar offers little that’s new to the Gretsch lineup – what’s here is well produced – looks cool and has the sounds to match – Reverend Heat have a fairly underground following – so we’re not sure how succesfull the line will be so get in there quick and try it out.

More at Gretsch Guitars Official site

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