deluxeDuring the Hey day of The Who – Pete Townshend’s Guitar of choice was the Gibson Les Paul Deluxe #9. In 2005 The Auctioneers Christie’s sold one of Pete Townshends Les Paul Deluxe’s for $45,600 as part of pop memorabilia auction.

Recently Gibson produced a limited re-release of this 70’s classic which features Pete Towsends unique numbering system which started out as handwritten stickers to differentiate between different guitars and tunings.


This Gibson Les Paul deluxe features a three piece maple top with a mahogany back, cream binding and chrome hardware.

The 22 fret neck features a signature Pete Townshend slim profile, perloid inlays and cream white binding.

This Les Paul Deluxe differs from traditional Les Paul’s by having a 3 pickup combination – this version features two mini-humbuckers and a single DiMarzio Dual Sound pickup in the middle position. The controls differ from the traditional also by having one master tone – three volume controls – two mini toggles which control the DiMarzio pickup one taps the pickup where the other puts it out of phase.

Unsurprisingly the guitar is able to faithfully re-create the classic 70’s Who sound with ease – the pickup configuration provides seemingly limitless possibilities from traditional crunch to a thin almost telecaster like bite, the maple body produces a wonderfully smooth sustain and whilst the guitar sounds great clean – it clamors for a bit of drive to unleash it’s potential.

Only 75 guitars were originally produced so these can be hard to come by but do seem to pop up on the usual auction sites occasionally – but do expect to dig deep as they are a collectors items and prices can range from $5,000 dollars up – however for an ardent Who fan – what’s money go to do with it?

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