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MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

I love delay pedals. I mean i REALLY love delay pedals – I just adore the way that players like U2′s The Edges color their tone through using delay creating really iconic rhythmic sounds. With a little bit of thought you can get some really great sounds from 50′s rockerbilly with a little bit of slap-back, to Mark knopfler tones with a hint of echo to out of this world U2 sounds.

Luckily for delay lovers there’s loads of Delay effects out in the market place with varying controls and sounds (for Edge lovers look for modulated delay units).

For those looking for a bit of warmth in thier delay tones up pops MXR’s M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay.


MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

MXR say:

The MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal features a completely analog audio path for the ultimate in rich, warm delay-made possible only by old-school bucket brigade technology. This design boasts an amazing 600ms of delay time with optional modulation via a top-mounted switch and a simple, three-knob layout that controls Delay time, Mix (dry/wet blend), and Regen (delay repeats)-all in a pedal no bigger than a Phase 90. In addition, the M169 pedal has two internal trim pots that offer user-adjustable width and rate control of the modulation for even more tonal options. The Carbon Copy effect pedal will take you from crisp “bathroom” slap echoes to epic, Gilmour-esque delays with a twist of a knob. True hard-wire bypass, single 9-volt operation, and stage-ready blue LEDs round out the package.

Check out this great video from pedaltoneshop which takes a look at the MXR delay pedal. I think you’ll agree those warm sounds are great!

Epiphone Limited Edition Wilshire Pro Electric Guitar

If like me you like Guitars which are a bit different then you’ll love the look of this new Epiphone Limited Edition.

Looking like some fort of strat/tele/Gibson hybrid – the Wilshire Pro comes with a funky double cut away humbucker configuration. Personally I love this look (in particular the tone/volume knob placements) it really has that 60/70′s vibe. And so it should! – the Wilshire’s were originally avaialble during the ’60s and shared many features with the Gibson solidbody’s like the SG.

Epiphone Limited Edition Wilshire Pro Electric Guitar Aged Pelham

Epiphone Limited Edition Wilshire Pro Electric Guitar Aged Pelham

Epiphone have tried to remain faithfull to these originals employing many of the features of the original at an affordable price. We think they look great!

Epiphone say:

The Epiphone Wilshire Pro electric guitar has a double-cutaway mahogany body and set mahogany neck, which joins the body at the 22nd fret, giving you the ultimate in upper-fret access. The Wilshire Pro is lightweight and comfortable, with excellent resonance and natural acoustic tone—even unplugged! Featuring Epiphone’s LockTone Tune-O-Matic/stopbar combination, the transfer of string vibration is improved even more, giving this it excellent sustain and clarity.

The neck pickup is Epiphone’s Alnico Classic. It provides warm and subtle tone with a full, even response that doesn’t hold back when you need that classic humbucker crunch. An Alnico Classic Plus is in the bridge, and is over wound for a slightly higher output—without sacrificing its rich, vintage tone. Both feature Alnico II magnets, enamel wire, and are double vacuum waxed. Each volume control on the Epiphone guitar is a push/pull potentiometer that allows you to coil-split each pickup separately for a more twangy single-coil sound, as well as many other tonal combinations.

The Epiphone Wilshire Pro electric guitar features their own “batwing” headstock. A classic design that improves tuning ease and accuracy by offering a straight string-pull design, the headstock is adorned like the original with the vintage Epiphone logo in gold. Other features include a 1960′s SlimTaper neck profile with Rosewood fingerboard, premium 14:1 die-cast tuners, and individual volume and tone controls for each pickup.

Check out this video on Epiphone’s reissue Wilshire from

PRS 25th Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield

There’s something about PRS guitars – With the grip on the market that Fender and Gibson had PRS still had that hold over me – I was always a huge fan of PRS guitarist David Grissom – he was the first one that attracted me to them – I guess that I always held PRS in such high regard – they seemed to be the session musician’s guitar maker – and usually sat well out of reach financially.

They make some beautiful instruments – they have that warm fuzzy sound that envelopes you and is really quite different from your average Les Paul or Fender tone – really something unique.


Paul Reed Smith 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Electric Guitar Smokeburst

Paul Reed Smith 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield Electric Guitar Smokeburst

PRS fans will be pleased to see the 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield model – (again just look at the thing – it looks like a work of art)

The Narrowfield refers to the pickups that resemble mini-humbuckers – but actually sound more like single coils (albeit with a bit more bite – fantastic for country rock tones. – The five way pickup option gives some fantastic tonal options and most musical genres can be covered – check out the vid below for those neck pickup tones – Awesome. Given PRS’s manufactruing standards and the sounds this can pull out the bag – this is one guitar that demands a look.

PRS say

This guitar is all about versatility. The 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special replaces the traditional hum-single-hum configuration with three Narrowfield™ pickups, which when combined with a five-way blade switch, supply a multitude of switching possibilities. The Narrowfield™ pickups focus the string attack much like a singlecoil but are hum canceling. The result is a new sounding pickup system, which blends features of single coil, soap bar, and humbucking pickups.
Additionally, the 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield™ features a shadow bird inlays, anniversary headstock eagle, and a bolt-on maple neck with a maple fretboard.