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Digitech RP500

The simplicity of a stompbox. The control of an effects switching system.
Get the best of both worlds with the DigiTech RP500 Guitar Pedal. The RP500 features a Pedalboard mode that allows you to turn on and off individual stompboxes and effects by pushing buttons 1-5. You get the expressiveness of stompboxes and you can change them from preset to preset. Next take the Amp/Cabinet Bypass button that defeats the internal amplifiers and cabinets leaving you with only stompboxes and effects and you have a switching machine. Save each combo in a preset for a uniquely switchable pedal setup not found anywhere else but pro switching systems.

The RP500 multi effects pedal is built like a tank, from a cast metal chassis to the 9 vacuum-style switches. A large 10 character LED display makes for easy stage use topped by an built-in expression pedal to control wahs, volume, Whammy™ and other parameters.

Your sound is king so having control of your sound is imperative. The DigiTech RP500 pedal gives you the control to express yourself the way you want—no longer will the lack of control stand in the way of your expression.

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DigiTech RP500 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Specifications:
• Stompboxes based on:

Compressor / Sustainers:
• Boss® CS-2Compressor / Sustainer
• DigiTech® Main Squeeze Compressor
• MXR® Dynacomp™
• Wah / Volume: Dunlop® Cry Baby Wah™
• DigiTech® Full Range Wah
• Vox® Clyde McCoy Wah™
• Volume Pedal

Distortions & Overdrives:
• SCREAMER (Based on an Ibanez® TS-9)
• TS 808 (Based on an Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer)
• SPARKDRIVE (Based on a Voodoo® Lab Sparkle Drive®)
• OD OVERDRIVE (Based on a Guyatone® Overdrive OD-2)
• DOD 250 (Based on a DOD® 250 Overdrive/Preamp)
• RODENT (Based on a Pro Co RAT™)
• MX DISTORTION (Based on an MXR® Distortion +)
• DS (Based on a Boss® DS-1™ Distortion)
• GRUNGE (DigiTech® Grunge®)
• ZONE (Based on a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone®)
• DEATH METAL (DigiTech Death Metal™)
• GONKULATOR (Based on a DOD® Gonkulator Ring Modulator)
• 8TAVIA (Based on a Roger Mayer Octavia™)
• FUZZLATOR (Based on a Demeter Fuzzulator)
• CLASSIC FUZZ (Based on a DOD Classic Fuzz)
• FUZZY FACE (Based on an Arbiter® Fuzz Face™)
• BIG PI (Based on an Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®)
• DigiTech Redline Overdrive

Amplifiers & Acoustics:
• 57 CHAMP Based on a ’57 Fender® Tweed Champ®
• 57 DELUXE Based on a ’57 Fender® Tweed Deluxe™
• 59 BASSMAN Based on a ’59 Fender® Tweed Bassman®
• 62 BROWN BASSMAN Based on a ’62 Fender® Brownface Bassman®
• 65 TWIN REVERB Based on a ’65 Fender® Blackface Twin Reverb®
• 65 REVERB(Based on a ’65 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb®
• 65 JTM-45(Based on a ’65 Marshall® JTM-45
• 68 SUPER LEAD PLEXI Based on a ’68 Marshall 100 Watt Super Lead (plexi)
• 68 JUMP PANEL Based on a ’68 Marshall Jump Panel
• 77 MASTER VOLUME Based on a ’77 Marshall Master Volume
• 83 JCM800 Based on an ’83 Marshall JCM800
• 93 JCM900 Based on a ’93 Marshall JCM900
• 01 JCM2000 Based on an ’01 Marshall JCM2000 (Solo Channel)
• 62 AC15 Based on a ’62 Vox® AC15
• 63 AC30 TOP BOOST Based on a ’63 Vox AC30 Top Boost
• 69 HIGH WATTAGE Based on a ’69 Hiwatt® Custom 100 DR103
• 81 MARK IIC Based on an ’81 Mesa Boogie® Mark II C
• 01 DUAL RECTIFIED Based on an ’01 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
• 99 LEGACY VL-100 Based on a Carvin® Legacy VL-100
• 96 MATCH HC-30 Based on a ’96 MatchlessTM HC30
• 88 SLO-100 Based on an ’88 Soldano SLO-100
• Gibson® GA-40
• Peavey® 5150® II
• Roland JC-120
• Sunn® 100S
• Randall® HT-100
• DIGITECH SOLO DigiTech® Solo
• DIGITECH CLEAN TUBE DigiTech 2101 Clean Tube
• DIGITECH MONSTER – Maxed out gain
• DIGITECH “TWEEDFACE” Tweed preamp w/Blackface poweramp
• DIGITECH “65 Blackface Bassman” ’65 Blackface preamp w/ Bassman poweramp
• DIGITECH STONERROCK Thick, sludgy distorted amp tone
• DIGITECH DARKMETAL Responsive, tight metal tone
• DIGITECH TRANSISTOR Solid state transistor amp sound
• DIGITECH BROWNSOUND Hot rodded 80′s stack tone
• DIGITECH MOSH Chunky metal tone with just the right amount of sizzle
• 2101 CLEAN TUBE DigiTech GSP2101TM Artist Clean Tube
• 2101 SATURATED TUBE DigiTech GSP2101 Artist Saturated Tube
• DIRECT No amp model

• CHAMP 1X8 Based on a 1×8 ’57 Fender® Tweed Champ®
• DELUXE 1X12 Based on a 1×12 ’57 Fender Tweed Deluxe®
• DELUXE REVERB 1X12 Based on a 1×12 ’65 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb
• BRITISH 1X12 Based on a 1×12 ’62 Vox® AC15 w/20W Vox Speaker
• BLONDE 2X12 Based on a 2×12 ’57 Fender Blonde Bassman®
• TWIN 2X12 Based on a 2×12 ’65 Fender Blackface Twin Reverb®
• BRITISH 2X12 Based on a 2×12 ’63 Vox® AC0 Top Boost w/ Jensen® Blue Backs
• BASSMAN 4X10 Based on a 4×10 ’59 Fender Tweed Bassman®
• BRITISH 4X12 Based on a 4×12 Marshall® 1969 Straight w/ Celestion® G12-T70
• GREENBACK 4X12 Based on a 4×12 Marshall 1969 Slant w/ Celestion 25W Green backs
• FANE 4X12 Based on a 4×12 Hiwatt® Custom w/ Fane Speakers
• BOUTIQUE 4X12 Based on a 4×12 ’96 VHT® Slant w/ Celestion Vintage 30′s
• VINTAGE 4X12 Based on a 4×12 Johnson® Straight w/ Celestion Vintage 30′s
• DIGITECH SOLO 4X12 4×12 DigiTech® Solo
• DIGITECH BRIGHT 2X12 2×12 DigiTech Bright
• DIGITECH METAL 4X12 4×12 DigiTech Metal
• DIGITECH ROCK 4X12 4×12 DigiTech Rock
• DIGITECH ALT 4X12 4×12 DigiTech Alt Rock
• DIGITECH VINTAGE 4X12 4×12 DigiTech Vintage
• DIGITECH CHUNK 4X12 4×12 DigiTech Chunk
• DIGITECH SPANK 4X12 4×12 DigiTech Spank
• DIGITECH SPEAKER COMP 4×12 DigiTech Speaker Compensation
• DIRECT No cabinet model

FX Models:

Chorus Stompbox Models based on:
• Boss® CE-2 Chorus
• DigiTech Dual Chorus
• DigiTech Multi-Chorus
• TC Electronics® Chorus

Flanger Models based on:
• MXR® Flanger
• DigiTech® Triggered Flanger
• Electro Harmonix® Electric Mistress™
• ADA® Flanger

Phaser Models based on:
• MXR® Phase 100
• DigiTech® Phaser
• Electro Harmonix® Small Stone™

Pitch Models based on:
• DigiTech® Whammy™
• DigiTech® Pitch Shift
• DigiTech® Detune
• DigiTech® IPS
• Boss® OC-2 Octaver™
• Vibrato / Rotary Models based on:
• DigiTech® Vibrato
• DigiTech® Rotary
• DigiTech® Vibro / Pan
• Unicord UniVibe™

Tremolo Models based on:
• DigiTech® Tremolo
• DigiTech® Panner
• Fender® Opto Tremolo™
• Vox® Bias Tremolo
• DIGITECH SCATTERTREM Dual tremolo effect
• Envelope / Special Models based on:
• DOD® FX25 Envelope Filter
• DigiTech® Auto Yah™
• DigiTech® YaYa™
• DigiTech® Synth Talk™
• DigiTech® Step Filter
• DigiTech® Sample & Hold

• Digital Delay
• Analog Delay
• Pong Delay
• Modulated Delay
• Tape Delay
• Reverse Delay
• DM Analog Delay – based on Boss® DM2 Analog Delay
• Echo Plex – based on Maestro EP-1 Tube Echoplex

Reverbs based on:
• Lexicon® Ambience
• Lexicon® Hall
• Lexicon® Room
• Lexicon® Studio
• EMT Plate – based on EMT® 240 Plate Reverb
• Spring – based on Fender® Twin Reverb™
DigiTech RP500 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Features:
• Exclusive Pedalboard mode changes the RP500 into 5 individual stompboxes and effects
• Amp/Cabinet Bypass turns the RP500 into a true effects processor that works with your amp’s tone
• Heavy-duty vacuum switches for program changes, effect on / off changes, bank up and down, tap tempo and tuner
• Bright LEDs display program status and effect on / off
• Large 8 character LED display for program name, bank name and tuner
• Large 2 character display for program number and tuning reference
• Built-in expression pedal controls the RP500′s internal wahs, volume, Whammy™ and other parameters

Ibanez Artcore AF75 – Ibanez Jazz guitar

Ibanez have been producing well made and great sounding jazz guitars for a while and its Artcore range is well known amongst astute jazz guitar enthusiasts as great guitars offering some pretty fantastic features at a fraction of the cost of say a comparative Gibson or Gretsch.

The Ibanez Artcore AF75 itself makes for a great jazzer – it is a true hollow body guitar and looks pretty lush from the outset – Ibanez makes has a tradition for making beautiful guitars and this Artcore is no different. With a fully bound all maple body that provides tight resonance without feedback the Artcore produces those perfect tones for those that crave an authentic jazz sound.

For those looking for some tonal flexability – this Ibanez also provides a more than credible take on rock, blues and punky tones offering a little something different from the usual tones of a Strat or Les paul. For those that love their rockabilly prepare to fall in love as with the right amp this guitar can growl with the best of them.

With features such as a mahogany set neck, bound rosewood fretboard and pearl block inlay your fingers will love it. While the lower end of the guitar market often get criticised for their pickups the ACH1 humbucker at the neck and ACH2 at the bridge provide a beefy, quiet signal with pronounced mids (check out the Youtube video below to hear the Artcore in action – Note:this is the AFS75T with Bigsby style tremolo).

Ibanez Artcore AF75 Electric Guitar Features:

• Full-hollow body
• Maple top, sides, and back
• Mahogany set neck
• Bound rosewood fretboard
• ACH1 humbucker at the neck
• ACH2 humbucker at the bridge

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

If you are looking for a great delay pedal, you just found it. Packed with features the Boss DD-7 comes packed with some of the richest delay tones you’ll ever come across with features such Modulation and Analog Delay modes. The Modulation Delay provides chorus-flavored sounds while the Analog Delay offers a modeled simulation of the classic BOSS DM-2, beloved for its characteristic warmth.

Building on the prestige of BOSS’s rich history – the DD-7 comes equipped with up to a massive 6.4 seconds of delay time with the bonus option of being able to record up to 40 seconds of input when using the “hold” mode meaning you can record yourself and play over it “loop style” – absolutely brilliant for creating sound on sound performances.

Using the DD-7 you can create some truly amazing effects – looking for sweeping sterio panned echo? Use the stereo output and generate spatial audio sweeps. You can also use the stereo outputs to create separate dry and wet signal paths handy for recording and live-performance control.

With a stompbox this packed with features you might wonder if it’ll be suitable for live performance well the good news is – absolutely. The DD-7 provides hands-free control via an external footswitch and an expression pedal if so desired(sold separately). Tap tempo can be controlled from an external footswitch, while the best is saved for last with delay time, feedback, and effect level being changeable on the fly via Expression pedal.

With the best-selling delays in compact-pedal history, BOSS continues to push the envelope and innovate. The DD-7 takes the best features from its predecessors and expands the creative potential to create a stunningly effective delay pedal that will have you creating killer sounds in no time at all.

Check out the video


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Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Specifications:
• Controls: E.LEVEL, F.BACK, D.TIME, MODE, Pedal switch
• Indicator: CHECK (Used for indication of TEMPO, HOLD, and to check battery)
• Connectors: INPUT-A (MONO) jack, INPUT-B jack, OUTPUT-A (MONO) jack, OUTPUT-B jack, TEMPO/EXP jack, AC adaptor jack (DC 9 V)
• Delay Time: 1 ms to 6400 ms*, Maximum recording time: 40 sec (in Hold mode) *Values may vary according to the mode and connections.
• Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu
• Input Impedance: 1 M ohm
• Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu
• Output Impedance: 1 k ohm
• Recommended Load Impedance: 10 ohms or greater
• Power Supply: DC 9 V, Dry battery, 9 V type (6F22/carbon, 6LR61/alkaline) AC Adaptor (PSA-series: optional), DC 9 V: Dry battery 6F22 (9 V) type (carbon)/ Dry battery 6LR61 (9 V) type (alkaline), AC Adaptor (PSA-series: optional)
• Current Draw: 55 mA (DC 9 V)
• * Expected battery life under continuous use: Carbon: 1.5 hours, Alkaline: 6 hours. These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.
• Accessories: Owner’s Manual, Mode Sticker, Application Sticker, Leaflets (“USING THE UNIT SAFELY,” “IMPORTANT NOTES,” and “Information”), Dry battery (9 V type, 6LR61) *1
• Options: AC adaptor (PSA-series), Footswitch: FS-5U, Expression pedal: Roland EV-5

If you want a killer tone with vintage sounds but think that is only available with a $1000+ price tag – then think again – mini guitar amps – pack a real punch in both tone and price and can be the secret weapon you need to deliver a truly legendary guitar tone.

Mini Guitar Amps – vintage tone in your pocket

VOX AC30, Marshall JCM, Fender Twin and more – truly legendary sounds available in your pocket! – too good to be true? You know that there are two things that deliver great tone your guitar and your amp – guitar’s comes down to personal preference (make mine a custom shop Strat!) but when it comes to amps there is some amp “royalty” models like the Vox AC30 and Fender Twin series have a real aura about them with a sound that’s instantly recognizable. Vintage enthusiasts will be pleased to see a range of mini guitar amps that model their bigger cousins at a fraction of the cost while producing some truly authentic tones –

Vox amPlug AC30 Headphone Amp

Killer Mini Guitar Amp tone with the Vox Amplug

Check out the amazing Vox Amplug at MusiciansFriend!!!!

Need convincing? check out this video of a VOX Amplug pocket amp being put through it’s paces on a cover of U2’s “Where the streets have no name” (Talk about daylight robbery – VOX Amplug’s retail for under $50!!!!)

Headphone amps packed with features

The days of practice amps with just a headphone socket and a volume control are gone and these headphone amps pack some serious features from gain and tone through to more advanced controls and for those that want to travel light most of these are battery powered so you’ve got both portability and great sound.

But the best thing about the range of mini guitar amps is the choice available and the price (I can’t believe how cheap these are for what’s on offer) – there’s a wide range available which means that you can put together your own collection at a fraction of the cost of a fully fledged tube amp – check out our list of what’s on offer courtesy of Musicians friend.

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Killer Range of Mini Guitar Amp’s

Vox amPlug AC30 Headphone Amp

Vox Amplug at MusiciansFriend
Fender '57 Mini Twin Amp
Fender ’57 Mini Twin Amp
Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp Aqua
Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp
Fender Mini Deluxe Amp
Fender Mini Deluxe Amp
Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack
Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack
Danelectro Hodad DH-1 Mini Amp
Danelectro Hodad DH-1 Mini Amp