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YouTube – M13 Looper Shimmer

With U2′s new record dropping in early March ( the fanboys will be out in earnest imitating U2′s guitarist The Edge.

He’s got some of the best effect driven delay tones you’ll find and with that bit of trademark shimmer – Edge’s sound has a real landscape feel – take a trip around Youtube and you’ll find loads of immitators – but we reackon this guy armed with a Strat and a Line 6 M13 Looper has them all beat – great sound…..

YouTube – M13 Looper Shimmer.

Carlos Vamos on Myspace

Ok so there are loads of guitarists out there on myspace – but take a listen to Carlos Vamos – he’s a busker from Holland but wow he’s got great tone, chops and feel – he’s got a bumch of tracks on his site – check out Andora and When you feel good – which are our faves – for those interested do a quick search on Youtube and you’ll find some great video’s too.

Carlos Vamos Myspace page.

YouTube – Elevation Intro – Fuzz Pedal

U2′s elevation is a cracking track with a really cool into – while Daniel Lanois introduced Edge to a vintage effect pedal to get the tone – you too can get really close with a bit of effort – check out this cool vid to see how!

YouTube – Elevation Intro – Fuzz Pedal.